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$250 OPENER   (4).png

$75 Off Full Price Service Charge

$75 off any one, full price labor charge. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

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Free Opener Installation

Free opener installation on full price opener. For jobs only requiring standard installation.

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$250 Off Any New, Double-Car Door Installation

Free opener installation on full price opener. For jobs only requiring standard parts and installation.

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$25 For Any Referral That Results in a Kept Appointment

We will send you $25 for any job booked, and appointment kept that mentions your name.

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$100 Off Replacement Springs

$100 off replacement of any 2 spring system.

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Free Set of Rollers

Free set of high quality, poly rollers when you leave a review or give a shout out on Next Door/Social Media. $120 Value.

$250 OPENER   (1).png

Military, First Responders, and Senior Discount. 5%

Additional 5% off your entire project. Can be combined with other discounts.

Standard Pricing

Additional Products and Services Available to Meet All of Your Garage Door Needs


Door & Opener Service

Full door and opener tune-up. Includes spring balancing, close examination for any abnormal wear/failing parts, adjusting and tightening all track and hinge bolts, lubrication, testing all opener functions, and any other standard adjustments needed to ensure proper function. $120 per door before discounts.


Spring Replacement

Includes full door & opener service. Replacement of standard, 2 spring system. Don't wait until your springs break and you're stuck inside! Starting at $350 with promotions. Optional warranties available.


Chain Drive Openers

Liftmaster 8365W-267 Opener. Basic chain drive opener. MyQ WiFi Compatible and comes with 2 remotes and a keypad. Limited warranties


Belt Drive Openers

Liftmaster 8550WLED-267. Top of the line belt drive opener:
Whisper Quiet Motor
Battery Backup
MyQ WiFi Smart Phone Integration
Amazon Prime In-Garage Delivery
Garage Monitoring
Lifetime Motor & Belt Warranty


Pre-Inspection Service

Available for listing real estate agents only. Pre-inspection tuneup includes balance check and safety eye adjustment to meet code requirements checked by inspectors for homes on the market. $50 value. FREE when you leave a review, share us on Next Door/Social Media, or replace any failing door components.


Smart Garage Door Setup

Not ready for a new opener but still want some of the added features of a smart door system? The Liftmaster hub can retro-fit these features to older model openers. Compatibility limits may exist. Requires functioning wireless network within range of garage. Starting at $100 for Hub, standard installation, and programming/setup!

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